Forget about traditional pastries, cakes of all sorts and traditional apple pies. Pankyway is a confectionary, unique in Europe and it, therefore, stands out for its innovativeness and creativity.


After five-minute-twisting on a unique stove, Chimway coated with sugar, coconut or cinnamon, is filled with different toppings and then finished off with whipped cream and syrup like Nutella, apple purée, white chocolate, etc. These are our creations with the touch of your own imagination and taste since there are many more flavours available yet to be perfected from week to week.

Choko dream

Kurtos cinnamon cone
Nutella + Melted ice cream + Oreo + Cream and Nutella

Vanilla ice

Kurtos cinnamon cone
Vanillie + Melted ice cream + Caramel and Cookies + Cream and Caramel

Sweet fruit

Kurtos sugar cone
Strawberry + Melted ice cream + Cream and strawberry

Apple pie

Kurtos cinnamon cone
Apple pie + Melted ice cream + Cinnamon + Cream and Apple pie

Fun cake

Kurtos cinnamon cone
Marshmallows + Nutella + Melted ice cream + M&M candy cream and Marshmallows


Fluffy pancakes, prepared using our unique Pankyway techniques. When pancakes become fluffy on a stove, we sprinkle them with sugar, glaze them with different syrup and finish them off with delicious toppings.

(the price includes 10 little pancakes with topping) + topping 0,40 €

Syrup: Nutella, Twix, strawberry, cookies, apple purée, Rafaello, blueberries
Toppings: Oreo, candy, coconut, biscuits, marshmallow, seasonal fruit
Whipped cream: 0,30€
Ice cream: 0,50€